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Use what you have, do what you can, where you are now ->->----->

Use what you have, do what you can, where you are now ->->----->

Use what you have + do what you can 

The "female force" is strong in this chick. I was raised by a take no prisoners, run in high heels, 1980's trailblazer business woman for a momma. She is spectacular to see in action and so SO strong. I have 4 sisters. My sisters who have had children, have had all girls (4 amazing girls). My life is filled to overflowing with strong, supportive, courageous, powerhouse women - aunties who ran hospitals and magazines and were professors, my mothers best friends and fellow business women who have become treasured, invaluable mentors. These women taught me that strong women, support and surround themselves with other loving, strong women. My dad has always said that "God put me on this Earth to learn how to get along with women." This is hilarious. And a bit dramatic since we spend most of our time revolving around him as if he were the sun and we, his adoring, eager to please, overachieving planets. But if this is true then, I've always thought, God must have put me on this Earth to celebrate and be surrounded by women.

I can't do a lot of things. There is so much that I wish I did better. But, I have always had a very unique eye for style and design. So what I can do is create. I can create a sense of style that stands for something. If it makes women feel bonded together, like the bonds I've been lucky enough to see and experience, then maybe I've made my little corner of the world less divided than what we are now experiencing in this world.

where you are now

Where am I now? I am writing this in my very tiny but sunny studio where I keep my findings to make jewelry, in a house I own and live in with my bossy, silly, darling and dopey black lab Coco. I am 35 years old. I have been married and divorced. I have loved a lot. I have lost a lot. I have made this life I'm living completely independently, and most of it with my own two hands. There is finished jewelry everywhere. My work has made people happy. There are unfinished beads and chains climbing the walls, hanging from little hooks, hidden in boxes. I am here, and I am deeply happy and excited to live my life, ready to create. My littlest sister, Brittany (a pediatric nurse who sweetly knits to Disney movies lol) saw the studio and said she felt like Ariel in the Little Mermaid, when she breaks into song while admiring her "collection". It makes me laugh every time I come in here... sometimes I sing a little "look at this stuff, isn't it neat... "

Boho Indigo, is one month away its first lookbook photoshoot. I still have a long road ahead of me before we are live, but I am so thrilled and can't wait to see what this adventure turns up next. One of my dear friends, Lindsey Holmes, has pulled together a team of her women friends from the fashion industry in Minnesota because lawd knows I didn't know how: 1 photographer, 4 models (including her because she can do it all), 1 hair and makeup goddess, and me. It is a heady thing to be standing where you are, on the brink of something exciting and completely new. Where are we now? One person's vision, and a plan for an online store that will launch feeling like there is a soul to it that celebrates womanhood with a warmth that radiates from the brand, always open to bringing more women into the fold. I so am grateful for my friends. So happy and honored to be able to receive this chance to create a business that can do some good, and look goooood while doing it.




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